The Sun

Two episodes in and things are already starting to get crazy, I LOVE IT!!!  Looks like who we thought was Warlo is actually Sookie and Jason’s fairy Grandfather Niall!  I was wondering if they would ever bring him in and I’m so happy that they did!  Warlo on the other hand seems to have escaped from whatever black hole Claudine had sent him to, and he also looks an awful lot like Rob Zombie, so get ready for the Superbeast!

true blood rob zombie

Bill seems to have super senses now and can feel all the pain that vampires throughout the world are feeling.  Well, until he goes into some sort of coma so that he can talk to Lillith.  She’s telling him that the end is near, that there is some sort of war and that everything has been set in motion for this.  It’s all up to him to save the vampires now. 

true-blood-6.02-the-sun-fake-bloodWhile Bill is in his “coma”, Jessica is trying to figure out what to do to bring him out of it.  She hires a blood hooker to come by and feed him, and when the chic gets freaked out and tries to leave, Bill (still comatose) forces her back to him by basically making her body contort and break, then he somehow makes all of her blood leave her body through her mouth and right into his.  I don’t know about you guys, but this was both cheesy and gross to me!  Jessica was freaking out, and rightfully so, and she’s now stuck with crazy coma Billith and still trying to figure out a way to bring him out of it.

Sam has Emma in his trailer with Lafayette playing house.  It seems like he’s trying to figure out a good place to take her, but until then she’s just in hiding at his place.  While he’s at Merlottes getting some stuff for her he’s confronted by a supernatural activist named Nicole who is trying to convince him to come out as a shifter and start a new civil rights movement.  Though he seems like he has no interest in doing this, I have a feeling that he’ll decide to go ahead with it.  Just after he gets home Martha, Alcide and one of Alcide’s little pack playthings show up to get Emma.  After a fight, that does not end well for Sam or Lafayette, Alcide grabs Emma and they all take off and leave Sam and Lafayette knocked out in the dirt.

Sookie stumbles across a wounded fairy in her woods on her way to work, so of course she grabs him and takes him back to her true blood fairy manhouse to help him out.  There’s really not much we know about this Ben guy, other than the fact that he’s good looking, a telepath and half fairy.  My gut tells me that he’s hiding something, I’m not 100% sure that he’s a good guy, so let’s keep our eye on this one.

After her shift at Merlottes, Sookie comes home to Jason and Niall in her house.  They explain everything to her and Niall starts trying to teach her how to properly use her light.  Their family has a special power, a super nova light, that when used will completely destroy any vampires in their path. The only downside is that once she uses this power, she will no longer be a fairy.  As much as we all know Sookie wanted to get rid of her powers, I think she’s actually starting to like having them.  I guess all will come to light (haha, get it!) by the end of the season.

Here’s a preview for next week’s episode, ‘You’re No Good.’ Till next week Towelites!

~The CheriMonster