Hey there my fang-banging Towelites!  Another Sunday and another awesome episode of True Blood.

Eric’s kidnapped Governor Burrell’s daughter Willa, and is holding her hostage to get information about what he is up to.  She’s telling Eric everything that she knows, and apparently he’s been buildng some sort of Vampire concentration camp.  He’s been expiramenting on vampires, building new weapons and defense mechanisms (ie: contacts that stop you from getting glamored, and those crazy bullets with UV light.)  Right now his team has Steve Newlin at the camp and are trying to get him to tell them everything about Eric.
While Eric is hiding out at crazy Ginger’s house, we find out that the Governor’s sweet little girl isn’t all that innocent.  It seems as though she has quite the crush on our hunky vampire Sheriff. He has her in the coffin with him to make sure that neither Pam nor Tara actually kill her before he’s able to get what he wants from the Governor and she is doing everything in her power to get his attention, luckily, Eric isn’t falling for it and keeps his hands, and blood, to himself.
Bill’s had a vision that all the vampires he knows will die the true death and is doing everything he can to save them. He has this crazy idea that since he was talking to Lilith during the day in his vision that he’s now completely immortal and can be a day walker.  Well, that didn’t really work out for him since the minute the sun hit his skin he burst into flames.  Luckily Jessica was there to pull him into the house and put the fire out.  Don’t worry, he’s fine, all healed up and ready to go. He has a plan to get the scientist that originally made True Blood on board to help them make a new strain of synthetic blood.  Can you guess what they want to make?  That’s right, fairy blood!  Bill actually thought that he could go to Sookie and have her donate some blood for the scientist to use as a source for his new strain of blood, but she, in true Sookie fashion, stood up for herself and said absolutely not. So now she’s dead to Bill, and she’s fine with that.
Speaking of Sookie, she’s basically stuck in her house hiding from Warlow while Niall is out trying to track him down.  There seems to be something really wrong with Jason, he keeps getting dizzy and passing out and his headaches don’t seem to be going away.  So Sookie’s taking care of Jason, and Niall goes to the fairy club to see if he can assemble an army to help him fight off Warlow, when he finds that Warlow’s already been there, and killed all the fairies.  After Niall listens to the blood all over the club and talks to the half dead fairy in the corner, he realizes that he is going to have to fight Warlow himself.  When leaving the club he runs into Ben, remember, the half fairy guy that Sookie met up with in the woods by her house last week?  You know, the cute one?  Yeah, well he’s gonna help Niall fight Warlow and save Sookie.  Here’s the thing though, I’m really not believing that this Ben guy is who he says he is.  He seems nice enough, and he and Sookie seem to have some sort of connection, but something doesn’t feel right.  If you ask me, I think he’s in it with Warlow and wants to try to bring down the Royal Fairy blood line, but that’s if you ask me, who knows what’s really up with him.
sam merlotte youre no goodSam goes to find Emma, disguised as an owl, and finds that she’s at Martha’s place with Alcide and Ricky.  Once I found out the reason that they took her I guess, in a sense, I understand.  Her parents are both dead because of Alcide, or so he believes it was his fault, and he feels that he needs to have her there to keep her safe.  It just seems like their going about this entirely wrong. And has anyone else noticed that being pack master is completely going to Alcide’s head?  Man, he has really changed!  I do not like the kind of wolf he is becoming!
 Anyhow, after Nicole and her crew show up all hell breaks loose.  Alcide finds out that one of the kids has a camera in his glasses, and just as he destroys the camera, Ricky changes and starts chasing after everyone else, which of course gets other people in the pack to change and chase them too.  The only one that gets away is Nicole, though she does get bit by Ricky before Alcide makes her back off.  While all this is going on, Sam swoops in (literally, because he shifted into an owl) and grabs Emma. Just as they’re about to run into the woods to find safety, he sees Nicole limping and running away and decides that he has to help her too.  Oh Sam Merlotte, always trying to save everyone!
Next week looks like it’s even crazier than this week.  Seriously, I really don’t know how they do this!  We’re only 3 episodes in, how can they keep all this up!?!
Till next week, he’s a preview of Next Week’s episode, At Last. Enjoy Towelites!