At Last

There is so much going on that I have no idea where to start with this episode!

I guess we’ll start with all the craziness going on with Sookie, that’s probably the best place to begin.Sookie, Jason, Ben and Niall are all at Sookie’s house when Jason passes out cold on the floor.  He honestly looks like he’s on death’s door and at that point I was pretty worried about him.

Nora is in the woods by Sookie’s house, so Niall runs out to confront her (thinking at first that she’s Warlow and there to hurt Sookie.)  When he realizes who she is and asks her why she’s there she explains that she’s looking for Warlow too, apparently he’s the only vampire that can kill Lillth and Nora’s trying to find him.  While she’s telling Niall everything Burrell’s army comes up and shoots her with one of the UV bullets and carts her off to the vampire concentration camp thing that Burrell has set up.  The worst part is that no one even knew where she was, so they won’t even know to go looking for her.  Though I’m sure somehow Eric will figure that out.
 Anyhow, back to the whole craziness at the Stackhouse house. While Sookie is off doing something, and Niall is outside with Nora and Jason is dying on the couch, Ben shows us who he truly is by making his fangs come out and giving Jason some of his vampire blood to save him.  Yes, you read that right, vampire blood!!!  How can that be you ask?  We’ve seen Ben out in the daylight and his thoughts are clear to Sookie.  If he were a vampire then she wouldn’t be able to get anything out of his brain, but she can!  If he were a vampire then obviously the sun would burn him, but it doesn’t.  It must have to do with the fact that he was turned as a fairy.  Not any fairy either, the oldest fairy left (apparently he was much older than Niall and saved him from being massacred back in the mystical fairy land) And the fact that he’s the oldest vampire too, yep, you guessed it, Ben is Warlow!  I actually didn’t see that one coming, I thought that maybe he was helping Warlow out, but I didn’t acutally think he was Warlow.  Sookie figures it all out while she’s cleaning up the living room and finds his blood on the floor.  She does that fairy light thing and realizes that it’s the same blood that was at the fairy club. In classic Sookie form she decides to take this all into her own hands and invite him over for dinner.  She gets everything together for a good down home fried chicken dinner and adds the little extra ingrediant of liquid silver to Ben’s plate.  Of course that doesn’t effect him at all… The last we see of the two of them they’re making out on the couch and she does her crazy vampire killing fairy light thing and calls him out letting him know that she knows he’s Warlow.
Before all that happens though, Niall and Jason sneak up to Ben’s house to catch him off guard, which doesn’t work of course since he’s a fairy and a vampire, so he has crazy senses.  He hits Niall with the fairy light and knocks him out.  Glamors Jason to forget this ever happened, and then proceeds to drain Niall of his blood.  But he doesn’t drink it, he sucks it up and spits it out into the bathtub.  He takes Niall to the bridge where there’s a portal to the prison dimension he was stuck in forever, gives him some of his blood and throws him in the portal.
Meanwhile, in another story line.  Andy’s girls are now about 18 and decide to steal his cop car and party.  They go to the liquor store to try to score some beer when Jessica comes up to befriend them and convince them to go back to Bill’s house with her.  Even though they know they shouldn’t, they do.  While they’re there drinking and partying, Bill gets one of them in his office and puts some weird bracelet thing on her and it gets a blood sample.  Apparently he has the scientist in his basement lab so that he can replicate the fairy blood instead of human blood. He takes it down to him and after he tests it he explains that there’s no way to make it since it keeps changing.  When Bill goes upstairs to get some more blood from the girls he finds that Jessica has lost her control and has drained all four of them.  Just as Andy gets to their house completely frantic trying to find the girls.  I’m wondering if Bill is going to turn them or what he’ll do so that Andy doesn’t find out what Jessica did.
Eric gets Willa from the fairgrounds where Tara hid her and decides to teach Burrell a leason and turn her into a vampire.  He takes her back to Burrell’s house where she almost has him on her side, until she sees his wounded hand and smells his blood.  Then she looses it and goes after him.  Oh, and did I mention that Burrell is sleeping with Sarah Newlin?  Yeah, I really don’t like her at all!  I was hoping that Willa would bite her or something.
Pam gets shot by the Burrell army guys.  Tara sees everything while she’s hiding behind a truck. Hopefully she’s able to find where they’re taking her and can get her out of there.
Sam, Emma and Nicole escape and are in a hotel room somewhere.  Nicole has some nasty bite on her leg from one of the wolves, I wonder if she’s gonna end up turning?  Of course Sam and Nicole make out a little bit, but right now it seems like they’re safe.  Though I’m sure it’s not for long since Alcide and the pack are hunting for them.
See… I told you guys there was a lot to cover!  That episode exhausted me.  I have to say, so far this season has not disappointed me at all.
 I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Heres the teaser for ‘Fuck the Pain Away’

Till then Towelites!