Fuck the Pain Away

Hey there Towelites! Another week, another crazy episode of True Blood!
So now we know that Bill truly is part Lilith because he can summon Warlow and make him do things since technically he’s his maker. Personally I thought the flashbacks to 3500 BC were a little cheesie, showing how Lilith made Warlow and how he destroyed his entire fairy tribe except for Niall. I understand that the story needed to be told, but generally I’m not a fan of flashbacks to begin with, and this was just completely unbelievable. Whatever, now we know what happened back then.
Andy finds the girls at Bill’s house and looks completely destroyed, obviously, and finds that one of them is still alive. He quickly grabs her and takes her back to the station and gives her V so that she can heal. She’s okay now, he has her at Holly’s house resting, and as much as he wants to go after Bill (his daughter told him everything that happened at his house), Holly convinces him not to do it. They both know that he would be out of his league and probably end up getting killed if he went after him.
Sara Newlin wants to have a baby with Burrell, but he doesn’t seem to interested in that, which of course pisses her right off. What does she do? She goes directly to Jason’s house and seduces him. Afterwards, while they’re sleeping, Jessica shows up all frantic because of what she did to Andy’s girls, and high as a kite since fairy blood makes vampires high. Sara wakes up and finds Jessica in the house, can’t believe that Jason ever dated her, Jessica goes after her and just before she’s about to bite her Sara rescinds her invitation in the house. This is where I’m confused, because as far as I knew only the owner of the house could do that, and there is no way that Sara Newlin owns or has any stake in Jason’s house. I’m curious to see if they’re going to touch on this at all. Anyhow, so she kicks Jessica out and has the anti-vampire military there to pick her up and take her back to the vamp camp, which is exactly where Pam is, and Willa, and now Eric and Tara turn themselves over as well to try and save Pam… So basically all of our vampire loves are stuck in vamp camp right now, just as Billith saw in his vision.
Speaking of vamp camp, they have a bunch of crazy stuff going on there! There are different levels I guess, and they are experimenting on them like crazy. Pam’s in with some therapist (played by Pruitt Taylor Vince! Yay!) and he has her spilling information while bribing her with a living donor. They show Eric in some room where they throw balls down and whoever doesn’t have one gets shot and killed. There’s some weird sex experimentation going on. It’s just insane there, and you know that none of it is for good.
Alcide is still looking for Sam, Nicole and Emma and he seems to be on some crazy power trip. He’s all, “I’m Shreveport pack master” blah blah blah… It’s actually getting annoying. I really don’t know what’s gotten into him, but he went crazy on Jackson (his dad) and told him he never wants to see him again.
Terry is talking to his old friend Justin from the military and asks him to kill him. He can’t go on with himself for what he did to Patrick, which he confessed to Justin. So now Justin has agreed to kill him after a few days, once he’s got his affairs in order. I don’t know why, but I don’t think it’s actually going to happen. Also, I think that Justin is not really who he says he is, or that maybe he’s hiding something. I actually had the thought that he might be possessed by that smoke monster thing from last season. I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right with him.
Jason wants to save Jessica, so he goes to enlist in the military so that he can get into the vamp camp and get her out of there. I don’t know if this is a very good idea, but we’ll see what happens.
Sookie convinces Lafayette to summon her parents to find out what really happened on the night they died, since Warlow told her that they were actually trying to kill her, and he wanted to save her because he loved her. They come and Lafayette and Sookie see everything that went down that night, and that her Dad did actually want to kill her, to save her from being turned into a vamp fairy. Then, he possess Lafayette, stuffs Sookie into the trunk of his car, takes her to a lake and tries to drown her!
What’s even more dramatic than that you ask? Well, Sara and Steve Newlin have got Eric and Pam locked in a room together, and one of them has to kill the other one! AHHHHH!!!!! I don’t want them to die! I love them both so much!
I do know that there will be some main character deaths this season, and I am not excited about that at all!

Here’s a preview of the next episode, Don’t You Feel Me?

Till next week Towelites, try not to go too crazy waiting for Sunday!

~The CheriMonster