Don’t You Feel Me? 
imagesThis episode starts off right where the last one left off, with Lafayette, possessed by Sookie’s dad, drowning Sookie in a lake. Just when you can start to see the life go out of here Warlow comes to her rescue and gets her away from him.  He shoots Lafayette with his fairy light and gets her dad’s spirit out of him, and that’s when Sookie tells her Dad to leave her alone forever.  As soon as that’s all done, Warlow starts to feel the pull from Bill, so in an effort to save his life, Sookie helps to transport him to Faery so that he can be safe from Billith.  While they’re there, Warlow tells her to chain him up so that he won’t harm her when night falls, since he hasn’t fed yet.  That’s when he really explains to her what it would mean for the two of them to be together.  There’s obviously something between the two of them and it doesn’t seem like Sookie is even willing to deny that to herself anymore.  She lets Warlow feed off her, then she takes his blood and they hook up!  I don’t know exactly what this means, if she’s going to be a vampire or if she’s just giving in to what she actually wants, but we’ll see!  I know that Sookie is highly against being a vampire, but being able to look at Warlow every day wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world would it?  Plus, she wouldn’t have to feed off of anyone but him, so she wouldn’t be harming anyone.  Maybe she’s changing her mind?

Jason joins the LAVTF in an effort to save Jessica.  Which of course back fires on him the instant Sara Newlin finds out that he’s the new recruit.  She has him sit in on an experiment where they have vampires have sex.  That whole scene really bothered me.  Jessica is in there with James, who seems like a sweet and honest vampire.  He refuses to have sex with her, and they keep zapping him with UV Light, and no matter what, he won’t give him.  Finally they take Jessica away and leave James in the room.  I’m really hoping they didn’t punish him for that, but my guess is that he’s dead now.  Poor James, he seemed like such a nice guy.


Eric and Pam are supposed to be fighting to the death, when the two of them both grab the guards that are in the walls and kill them.  Of course Eric sees Steve Newlin and threatens him and Burrell.  The guards come and take them both away, Eric chained up inside a cage, and apparently Pam was taken back to the therapist who seems to have a thing for her.  While Eric is in his cage, they bring Nora to him and inject her with what they’re calling Hep V, which is basically a virus that can kill a vampire slowly and painfully in any form.  They inject Nora with it and leave her in front of Eric’s cage for him to watch her die.  That’s when he summons Willa to come and save them, she glamour’s a guard to let her in to the room and gets them out. Eric dresses in the guard’s uniform and is trying to get out when he finds the True Blood factory that Burrell had set up. They’re contaminating all of the True Blood with Hep V to kill of all the vampires in the world!

TrueBloodFeelMe2Terry is still trying to get everything in order, and takes his safety deposit box key to Lafayette to keep safe for him.  Lafayette calls Arlene to tell her what’s going on, and Arlene is convinced that Terry is going to try to kill himself.  In an effort to help him with all of his demons, Holly suggests that she have a vampire glamour him into forgetting everything that happened in the Marines, the war, with Patrick and anything else that would be upsetting him.  She does, but unfortunately she didn’t know that he already had someone agree to kill him.  While Terry is happily taking the garbage out at Merlottes, he gets shot and dies in Arlene’s arms. 

Jackson called Alcide to tell him that Sam, Nicole and Emma were in the same hotel as him, but they had left by the time he got there.  Sam made the decision to give Emma back to Martha, as long as she agreed to never go back to the pack and keep her safe.  As much as I liked the thought of Sam having her, I think he did the right thing.  Martha is a bit odd, but she really does love her granddaughter and I think it was the best thing he could’ve done.

Andy finally gave #4 a name, Addalaide.  He actually gave her four names, one for each of the girls so that she could remember them.  I’m really hoping to see a lot of Addalaide on the show, maybe they’ll make up an awesome story line for her.  Who knows, maybe the other 3 aren’t really dead???

Bill finds that Jessica is missing and can’t get in touch with Lillith to find out what he should do to save everyone.  So he has the scientist dude drain him of all his blood so that he is within an inch of his life and is hoping that might bring him to her.  It works, but she has nothing to offer him.  She basically just tells him he’s on his own at this point.  When he wakes up, he drinks the vile of Warlow’s blood they have and becomes a day walker and completely invincible.  He takes off to the camp and finds Burrell outside.  When the guards try to shoot him, he forces them to shoot each other, and then rips off Burrell’s head!


Can’t wait for next week. Check out a preview for World Without End.