Hey Towelites!  How did everyone like this week’s episode of True Blood?  Honestly, I thought it was kind of… meh.  This whole season has been crazy insane and now I feel like we’re at a stand still.  With only two episodes left you would think they would be kicking it up a notch, answering questions, maybe even getting to some sort of resolution to everyone’s problems, but not really.  I feel like the story line between Sookie and Warlow is going a bit too fast.  Honestly, what do we even know about him?  Yeah, he’s a 6,000 year old vampire fairy that’s been waiting for her forever, but we were originally led to believe that he’s super evil, Niall, who we all thought we could trust, was constantly warning Sookie about how dangerous he was, how they had to get rid of him.  Now she’s ready to become a vampire fairy and marry him?!  I know she needs to save her friends, but the Sookie I know has more backbone than that!  She would never give in so quickly.  Maybe she has a trick up her sleeve?  Though who knows what’s going to happen now since Eric apparently drank from him.  Obviously he’s not dead, seeing as he’s neither goo nor dust, but he’s definitely hurt. Is Eric a day walker now?  Will he be able to save everyone in the white room if they can’t get Warlow to them first?  And where the hell is Niall?!  Anyone else notice that he was mentioned more than once in this episode?  Hopefully he comes back soon and all can be revealed.

Then there’s the oh so exciting story line of the Shreveport Pack.  I’m SO glad that’s over now!  Rickie threatened Alcide, he beat her up (but didn’t kill her) and left the pack.  He took Nicole and her Mom back to Sam’s trailer and apologized to him for everything.  It’s good to have the old Alcide back, he was really starting to make me mad.  So Nicole and her Mom are at Sam’s place, and Sam can smell that she’s pregnant (and that it’s his), so now he loves her and wants her to stay. Sam is such a hopeless romantic, he’ll just fall for anyone won’t he? He didn’t even have time to mourn Luna and now he’s got Nicole.  Oh!  And when Sookie came to Merlottes to talk to him about having her crazy vampire killing light and thinking they would get together!  What the heck was that all about?!?!  That came out of nowhere!
Arlene is planning Terry’s funeral, which can’t be easy.  Lafayette finally told her about the safety deposit box, and she’s mad at Terry since she now knows for certain that he planned this.  The Bellfleur’s are trying to plan a traditional funeral and Arlene is not having it.  Good thing Andy was there to be the mediator.  Who else is really loving his character this season?
While they’re all out funeral planning, Adelynn takes off with Holly’s two boys to drink and make out in a cemetery.  Just when he gets to second base Eric walks up to ruin it all for him!  Scared to death she takes off running and Eric lets her go.  Andy finds her running down the road scared out of her mind and crying.  The question I have is this.  Eric bit someone, did he bite Adelynn or some random chic?  What was his plan for her?  That whole situation just had me a bit confused.
Let’s talk about the real story now, Vamp Camp.  They’re doling out the True Blood now, and a select few vamps are refusing to drink it.  Violet is refusing, but mainly because she has Jason now, or should I say she owns Jason now.  I’m not sure how I feel about her, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t feel good.  Pam, Tara, Jessica and Willa keep trying to save him from her, but it’s not working out. James somehow befriends Steve Newlin, well, I guess he just felt a little sorry for him, so he stopped him from drinking the True Blood.  Way to go James!  You could have helped make the world a better place, but you decided to save that jerk instead!  Not that it matters, since now everyone’s stuck in the white room waiting to meet the sun because Steve Newlin can’t keep his stupid mouth shut and the tiniest threat will make him spill all the beans.
Sarah Newlin is up to no good, as usual.  She’s doing her best to keep Burrell’s death a secret, but she’s getting a bit frayed along the edges.  When the True Blood lady comes to check on the production all hell breaks loose.  Once she sees what’s really going on there, the contaminated True Blood, Vamp Camp, etc.  She and Sarah start to fight, and I mean, FIGHT!  After she gets her heel stuck in the grate in the ceiling of one of the cells, Sarah beats her to death with her shoe and then thanks Jesus.  What a crazy crazy chic!  Someone really needs to take her out already.
With only two episodes left I really hope they get into it.  I have no idea what’s in store for next week since my DVR decided to cut off the recording at the end of the credits, but I’m sure it will be awesome.
Check out a trailer for the next episode, Life Matters.

Till then Towelites!