Hey Towelites!  It’s the last episode before the finale, and I felt like they did a great job with it.  I’m glad that they devoted half of the story line to Terry’s funeral, he deserved it.  It was great to see the flash backs and hear everyone’s stories about him.  I’ll admit, I did tear up a bit when Sookie was talking about him and how he loved Arlene from the first moment he saw her.  It was nice to have Andy’s, Sam’s and Lafayette’s stories about how Terry was when he first came back from the war and started working at Merlottes.  Lafayette showing Terry how to dip the fries in the deep fryer was hilarious.  Honestly, I thought it was a great send off for a great character.

The big story was the escape from Vamp Camp though.  Eric drank Warlow’s blood and was able to become a day walker, get into the camp and start killing off the guards, freeing the prisoners and setting them loose on the remaining guards. While he’s releasing the prisoners cell by cell he finds Jason being devoured by Violet and a bit dazed and heals him so that he can help him get through the prison.  While they’re running through the halls you see all these vampires torturing the guards, making them run on the hamster wheel, pulling their teeth out, interrogating them.  When Eric sees that there are vamps with the therapist he makes them leave and has a little chat with him about where Pam is, that’s when the therapist becomes the dumbest person ever and tells Eric about the deal he made with Pam.  For a split second I actually thought that Eric might have let him live, that is until he found out what happened between the two of them.  He grabs the therapist, and makes him show them where they have everyone stashed to meet the sun.
Meanwhile, Bill follows Eric to Vamp Camp and quickly realizes that he has as much of Warlow’s blood as Eric does, and runs off to try and save everyone, not until after he’s killed the scientist dude though.  That was super gruesome!!!  Well, what Eric did to him was equally as gross.  I almost felt sorry for him, almost…
Meanwhile…. Sara Newlin is still alive and gets the strength to climb up the ladder to the white room and open the sky light to kill all the vamps (all while quoting scripture of course)
Anyhow, so Eric and Jason have the therapist and get to the white room where they see all the vamps feeding off of Bill with the sky light open and Sara Newlin watching from above, completely dumb founded that nothing was happening to any of them.  Well, none but Steve Newlin!  In what was probably my favorite part of the episode, Steve can’t find a spot to feed off of Bill, so he isn’t immune to the sun.  Eric sees him and has no mercy on him at all.  When he looks up at the sun and sees Sara he yells, “I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU….. JASON STACKHOUSE!”  Hahahahaha! Ahhhh, that was great!
So now all our beloved vamps are free, along with some we don’t know, drunk on fairy blood and dancing in the sun.  Pam is dancing with the dead therapist, everyone else looks like they’ve taken some crazy drugs.  Bill is left pretty much for dead on the floor of the white room with Lillith’s three bloody ladies telling him that his time on earth is done.  When Jessica realizes he’s not there, she and James run back to the room to find him and feed him.  At first he was refusing to drink from James, but he obviously changed his mind because he came out of the building in top form.
At the end of the episode we see Pam stop and make eye contact with Eric, and she says, “Don’t you dare leave me” and he flies away.  I really hope he’s not gone forever, Eric is one of my favorite characters!  The show wouldn’t be the same without him.
In the season finale it looks like a bunch of craziness is going down.  To be honest, I really couldn’t make much of anything out while watching the scenes from the next, but it looks like Sookie is getting ready for her wedding to Warlow, honestly, I still don’t understand that and I think that we are missing something big with him.  He can’t just be good, there’s gotta be something wrong with him or something.  My theory is that Niall will come and save the day… I guess we’ll find out in a week!
Here’s a look at the final episode, Save the Population.