It’s the final season to everyone’s favorite vampire/werewolf/human/faery/werepanther soap opera, True Blood. It’s had it’s ups and downs, and though a lot of people have hated the last couple of seasons, they’ve actually been my favorite. It’s as if the writers just stopped caring about being heartfelt or logical in any sense and just went as off-the-wall as possible. I appreciated that and it’s kept me in the show, when I seriously debated watching it after season 4.


The first episode of this season is titled ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’, and for the people of Bon Temps, they really needed him. It’s quite a few years after the events at the end of Season 6, though we saw that on the season finale. Sam is now the Mayor, Sookie is with Alcide, Bill is ever watchful, and Eric is still burning somewhere in the Arctic. Our heroes get attacked by a group of rogue vampires and I finally get what I’ve been waiting since season 2 to see; the death of Tara.


She’s been a horrible pain in Sookie’s side for years and her constant annoyance has finally come to a head, or to a wooden stake to be more accurate. It seems that Mayor Sam’s new idea of ‘Every Vampire Needs a Human’ doesn’t quite work as they get killed horribly and everyone blames Sookie for being a slut and causing this.

2501822uadM67SmOn the other side of the world, we have Pam whose playing vampire Russian Roulette. What does that mean? Both of the contestants shoot each other in the heart until one of them blows up. Her opponent asks her to accept God and tells her of the pain she has in her eyes. It’s written all over her face, and though he dies in a bloody goo, you can tell Pam is shaken by her words. From there, she continues on her quest for Eric.

Sookie can’t deal with everyone thinking she caused all the issues with the vampires in Bon Temps and even read Alcide’s mind, who thought the same thing. She pushes him away to stay with her thoughts. Jason is still with Violet, who is constantly trying to fight his battles for him. He has a face-off with some vigilante vampire killers, and she puts herself between him and them.

The rest of the episode plays out with a few things of note. I’ll do a recap below.

  • Humans being hung and drained of their blood. Creepy as hell.

  • Andy sticking up for vampire Bill was quite a change of character, but then Andy has always been consistently a good person.

  • Deputy Ellis dying was a bit surprising, but hey, it’s the final season so I guess why not.

  • Everyone hating Sookie in the church

  • Sookie makes a plea at the end to help save the town of Bon Temps. Maybe her faery powers can do that, but most likely it will just muck things up as usual.



  • “You are one metaphysical fuck” Layfayette’s always good for at least one or many one-liners

  • Jason finally becoming a man, all over the top of his cop car.

  • Everyone hating Sookie in the church


  • Anything involving Tara’s mom.

Here’s a preview for the next episode, I Found You.