Well, this it Towelites. It’s the end of one of the wackiest Soap Operas I’ve ever seen. From Maenads, to Were-Panthers, to Billith, to any time Tara was on the screen. This has been one of the wildest rides that were ever on television. Let’s get true blood thank you eric gas tankto it shall we?

Bill goes to visit Sookie and asks her to kill him with her fairy powers. He explains that they can never be together and that he wants her to have a good life. He wants her to have kids and live a life that he can’t give her. She doesn’t take too kindly to this idea and she rescinds her invitation to be in his house. He leaves dejected and alive.

Eric decides that he is going to set Sarah Newlin free and kill Mr. Gus. I’m not entirely sure why he wants to do this when he lets her go and gives her some of Pam’s blood. That way they can always track her. Mr. Gus doesn’t get away so lucky, as he’s blown up. Eric doesn’t stop there though, he also decides to viciously murder all of the members of the Yakuza.true blood thank you ending

On the other side of things, Hoyt and Jessica decide to get married. Jessica wants Bill to give her away as one of his dying wishes. As everyone watches the wedding, Bill’s thoughts can finally hear Bill’s thoughts. Bill is becoming more human as the Hep-V gets closer to killing him.

After the wedding, Sookie and Bill meet at Bill’s original grave from the war. They kiss and in his casket he happens upon  a picture of his daughter and him. He still wants Sookie to kill him, but she doesn’t want to use her fairy powers so she breaks off a shovel and plunges it into his chest. Vampire explosion.

Flash forward to Sarah Newlin in the bottom of Fangtasia getting her blood sucked by a vampire and Pam charging $100,000 for sixty seconds to do it. Jason and Sookie both have children. Scene fades out with everyone being happy at a dinner table and coupled up.

So, that’s it. Seven years of twists and turns and vampires and were-creatures and all I can say is that I’m glad it’s done. The show became unwatchable at times and though I actually enjoyed the last couple of seasons, its good they went out on a semi-high note.


  • Eric and Pam’s infomercial
  • That it’s finally over


  • Letting Sarah Newlin live
  • How long the wedding took
  • Tara’s mom still being alive