true-blood-624x351Ah, True Blood, always need to remember to expect the unexpected in this show. This week wasn’t as crazy as the premiere, but the direction of this season has me not very hopeful for how this series is going to end. At this point, my only conclusion is that all the Humans of the world are going to die out, and Vamps will rule the world. Scratch that, all the Humans in Louisiana are going to die out.

Our heroes, Sookie, Andy, Jason, Sam, and Alcide decide to take a trip to Saint Alice after doing some investigating into the death of a young girl. They come to find out that the vamps that hit Bon Temps have ripped through Saint Alice and left it a cemetery. They find the house of the young girl and Sookie happens upon her diary. She reads about the girl meeting a vampire for the first time and falling in love. It’s very reminiscent of the time she meets Bill and there is a cool flashback of it. You also realize that the show has only been going on for 3 years since it’s 2011 in their world. That kinda blew my mind since Bill looks older than dust.

Back in Bon Temps, the townspeople decide to hold an uprising with their mayor and sheriff missing. They raid the police a_560x375-1
station, as it’s the only place left in town with guns. They also sorta put Andy’s daughter in danger and she lashes out by revealing her first time using faery powers. In True Blood fashion, they don’t deal with the ramifications of that reveal in this episode.

We also see just what the vampires who attached Bon Temps are all about. They are holed up in Fangtasia, affected by the Hep-V, and planning their next attack. They are a rag-tag group, which includes Betty. She’s a former teacher of Arlene’s kids, who decides to use this knowledge to her advantage and plan an escape by appealing to Betty’s good graces. Betty concedes to the plan to help the remaining prisoners escape, but it’s all for not, as the virus takes it’s final toll on her and she dies all over Arlene.

The episode ends with Pam finally finding Eric. He’s surrounded by a harem of women in some European town. Girls leave his side as Pam happens upon them, revealing his open chest; which is affected by Hep-V. What’s going to happen next!?



  • Jason’s super creepy dream. It wasn’t a lowlight because ladies were probably finally getting what they’ve always wanted to see
  •  Teach Betty’s Troma-esque meltdown on Arlene


  • The ‘stick to my guns’ song that plays as the Humans raid the Police Station. Very cliche
  • The realization that this show takes place in 2011 still. Um, WHAT!?
  • Anything involving Tara’s mom
  • Tara being crucified


Here is a traile for Episode 3 ‘Fire in the Hole’