6a00d8341c730253ef01a511dc6213970c-800wi The fact that is alive Sarah Newlin and doing yoga just kills me. What a way to start off this episode with the reintroduction of such a horrid character; but one we love to hate. Pam and Eric finally have their talk, and Eric is depressed and filled with Hep-V goodness. We get a flashback with  him and some French croissant in the Parisian wine fields when that bitchy lady from The Authority talks about the manufacturing of True Blood for the first time. She mentions that vampires need to step in line, or be stopped by The Authority. Eric tells the lady to “get outta dodge” in a more colorful way and tells Pam that she doesn’t have to listen to them.

We then go back to the modern times where Sookie and Bill are on their way to  as Alcide is on their tracks. Andy and Jessica go to rescue Andy’s faery daughter. They realize the town has gone crazy and plans on killing anyone that’s different. We then go to Sam and the reverend talking about how horrible death is, when they get interrupted by Tara’s (still alive) mom. This a_560x375forces Sam to leave, only to get down the road and get confronted by the angry mob. He narrowly escapes by turning into an owl.

Next, Andy and Jessica go to Jason’s house as he’s having a fight with his vampire about having a kid. Andy tells Jason about the angry mob and they decide they have to confront the mob. The mob gets broken up and Jasons girlfriend actually gets a hold of Maxine Fortenberry and rips out her guts.

The rest of the episode is filled with The Authority going after Sarah Newlin, for some unknown reason. We also get Pam rousing Eric to go after Sarah, as she’s made his life a living hell a million times over with the vampire internment camp of last season. In the end of the episode is the biggest twist though. As the Hep-V vamps go after Sookie, Jason and Andy happen upon them and kill them. Alcide gets made at Bill for letting Sookie be bait, but he’s quickly quieted as one of the mob members shoots Alicide and he dies.



  • Eric cussing out The Authority
  • Lafayette dancing
  • Jasons girlfriend killing Maxine Fortenberry
  • Sookie in the middle of vampires exploding around her


  • Sookie mentioning she has a boyfriend as she sucks Bills blood. She’s such a harlot
  • Jason wanting to have a baby
  • Alcide’s death truly signaling the end of the show

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode ‘Death is not the End’