The episode starts on a somber note with Sookie having to call Alcide’s dad (Robert Patrick) and Jason calling Hoyt Fortenberry, and telling them of their family members death. I had forgotten that Hoyt was glamoured into forgetting about all the horrible things that happened to him, including Jason Stackhouse.

Pam and Eric have a flashback on how they first got Fangtasia. Yet, it was a bit different than the one we are used to. The Authority hand it over to Eric as a VHS rental place so that they can keep tabs on him. Pam is thoroughly disgusted when Eric tells her that they must head to Shreveport on their journey to track down Sarah Newlin.

Sookie reads the mind of Holly, whose recently escaped the Hep-V vampires.. She gleans that Fangtasia is where everyone needs to go, looks like we may finally be getting our characters together. Sookie then goes to visit to Jessica to convince her to eat off of her, as she needs a bunch of vampires to go to Fangtasia to rescue Arlene and the other captives.

From there we go to another flashback of Pam and Eric’s video rental place, as they first meet the plucky Ginger. She eventually convinces them to change the place into a nightclub, but Pam glamours her so that she steals the idea for herself. Finally, Eric and Pam catch up with Bill, Sookie, and the other heroes and stage a mission to free the captives of Fangtasia.

The Hep-V vampires take Arlene and begin to drain her blood, just as the heroes come to the rescue. As they try to face off against the infected vamps, the revolters show up throwing a molotov cocktail into Fangtasia. They then start shooting the place up and killing a ton of vamps.

There’s a battle between the good vamps and the hep-v ones. Luckily, Arlene gets some good blood and lives. She does come very close to dying, and even sees Terry as she’s close to death’s door. Our heroes save the day and none of them died, for once.


  • Eric’s 90s hair
  • Lafayette calling Jess a redbone and a hooker
  • Pam calling Sookie a fungus
  • The Hep-V vampire who made it out to kill one of the revolters
  • Pam setting a human on fire with his own moltov


  • Pam stealing the idea for Fangtasia; thought it was pretty funny

Here’s a preview for next week’s episode ‘Return to Oz’