The episode starts out on the Hunt for Sarah Newlin. Eric and Pam want to destroy her before he meets the ‘true death’ and they need Willa’s help. They learn that Sarah has a vamp sister down and Dallas and that’s where they head off to. Sarah’s sister hates her as much as Eric does and she lets them know that Sarah will be at a Gala. They decide they’re gonna crash the party.

Lafayette tries to get Sookie into the spirit of loving life and flipping off death, by throwing a huge party at her house.  Of course, Tara’s mom wants to be there and be horrible and try get a vampire to give her blood. She devises a scheme to put the Reverend to sleep with allergy pills and sneaks off to Sookies.

At the party, Robert Patrick eulogizes Alcide, while Andy prepares to get engaged to Holly. It goes off, with a hitch. Jessica’s boyfriend James  gets dissed, so he decides to give in to temptation and hook up with Lafaytte. Which may have ended okay if Jessica didn’t happen upon them in the act. Lafayette then confronts Jessica about not knowing James at all and how Lafayette really deserves love; since everyone else in the town  gets a chance at it.

Jessica and Jason talk about how they aren’t with the right people, which inevitably leads to them kissing and then much more. Looks like they couldn’t find inevitability either.  As they are in the act, Violet comes to the door outside of the room they are in and listens to what’s going on. Strangely enough, she doesn’t react. I can only imagine what it’s like to cross her, so I’m sure we’ll see the repercussions soon enough.

The episode ends with Eric finding Sarah Newlin and Bill realizing that he’s infected with Hep-V. It’s beginning to look like no one is safe.


  • Ginger calling her a sex slave without the sex
  • Jason warning Andy and Holly’s children about having relations together
  • Republi-cunt
  • Eric ripping off a mandible


  • Tara’s mom..she just doesn’t stop living
  • Bill’s flashbacks. They seemingly made no sense

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode, ‘Karma’