Well, another week, another look into the last days of our friends at Bon Temps. This week started out with Eric taking out whom he could from the Yakanomo Corporation. He is going all Beatrice Kiddo on them until he gets captured with Pam and forced to watch a countdown until sunrise.

Bill needs to get his affairs in order, figuring he’s Hep-V positive and goes off to get his will prepared. On his way out of the house he runs into Jessica who tells her about her ex-boyfriend, James; the same man whose over at Lafayette’s house willingly giving his blood up to Tara’s mom so she can see her. Ugh. Jessica happens to overhear Bill talking about his Hep-V over the phone, and needs to get to talk to Sookie to tell her.

When Sookie finds out that Bill has Hep-V, she remembers when a Hep-V vamp exploded all over her and could have gotten her infected. Bill had sucked some of her blood to watch over her, and now he has the virus. As he sits in line behind a ton of other Hep-V victims at the estate lawyers office, the virus begins to accelerate and spread throughout his body. He also finds out that he can’t give over his will to Jessica because he was technically dead when he wrote it.

On the other side of town, Jason arrives home to face Violet, whom he just finished cheating on recently with Jessica. She overheard him in the previous episode and it seemed to only turn her on. She decides to show him how much she cares for him..thoroughly.

Tara’s mom and Lafayette trip out on V to try and connect with Tara. She takes them to her old house and tries to tell them something when it’s all interrupted by the Reverend. He gives Ellie May the ultimatum of him or Tara, and she chooses her daughter.

Back in Dallas, the president of Yakanomo makes a deal with Eric and Pam to hunt Sarah Newlin and kill her. Sarah finally makes it to her sister’s house and we find out that she took the antidote for Hep-V and it’s running through her veins. She gives her sister her blood and then skips off. It’s right after that, Eric and friends show up and realize that she’s gone and could heal them.


  • Violet freaking out when Jason leaves the house
  • Eric killing the Crazy 88


  • Tara’s mom
  • Violet possibly killing kids in the next episode

Here’s a video from the upcoming episode, One Last Time.