In The Evening

Hey Towelites!

There is so much going on in the world of True Blood, and only 3 episodes left. I think my brain is about to explode!

751729_TBjj607_5_9_1121Eric and Nora escape Vamp Camp and head over to Bill’s house with the hopes that Bill, being all God like and all, can cure Nora of the Hep V infection given to her. Eric actually breaks down and basically begs Bill, telling him that he believes in him, that he feels that he is actually divine. Nora refuses to take his blood, but eventually, after Eric agrees to help Bill, they pretty much force her to drink from him. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. While Bill is off trying to find out where Warlow is, Nora eventually succumbs to the poison and dies in a big bloody gooey mess in Eric’s arms. Now, I know an awful lot about Eric Northman, and I know that he does have feelings, even though he doesn’t like to show them, but I can tell you that I never thought I would see him so vulnerable and broken as he is right now. The loss of his sister really destroyed him.

And speaking of people that are completely destroyed, Arlene is a total wreck because of Terry’s death. Which is completely understandable. Sookie hears her in the graveyard from Faery and transports back to be with her. Arlene is trying to figure out how to cope, and how to tell the kids what happened. When Sookie and Arlene get back to the Bellfleur Mansion Lafayette is there with Andy and Holly waiting for her and she goes completely off on him. He and Sookie decide to go check out the safe deposit box for her while she’s home trying to tell the kids what happened and just cope with being a widow. The safe deposit box has an envelope with Arlene’s name on it, and we quickly find out that it was a life insurance policy that Terry had taken out 3 days before, for 2 million dollars! Though they decide not to give her the policy, or any information, considering when they get back to the house she is DRUNK! So drunk that she didn’t believe that Bill was really there when he showed up, you know, because it was day time. That whole situation was awkward, Bill trying to give Arlene and Andy his condolences for both of their losses, especially when Andy’s loss was all Bill’s fault. Sure, Jessica ate 3 of his daughters, but it was Bill’s idea to have them there in the first place. Anyhow, I was getting somewhere with this wasn’t I? Oh yeah, Bill is at the Bellfleur mansion to talk to Sookie about bringing Warlow back. He needs to get his blood to everyone at Vamp Camp asap because of his vision of them in the sun room, and he knows that by having them all drink Warlow’s blood the sun won’t hurt them.


Speaking of Vamp Camp, Jason is there and is able to get Jessica alone to tell her that he’s there to save her and that he loves her. Which was sweet, especially coming from Jason, but Jessica doesn’t want to be saved. She feels that she deserves to be in there for what she did to Andy’s daughters, and she feels that it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else that’s there. After he tells her that he would do anything for her, she has him go and get James (the hot vamp that refused to have sex with her) so that she could thank him in person. He does, and Jessica tells him that she wants to talk to James privately. At this point I felt so bad for Jason, he just pours his heart out to her and she makes him go get another guy so she can talk to him privately. And yes, they talked, before she decided to get busy with him, with Jason right outside the room. While he’s standing guard outside of the room Sara Newlin walks up, informs him that Burrell is dead and that he is no longer protected, slices his arm and throws him in a vamp cell to be eaten. Luckily it’s the same cell that Tara is in, and that weird chic that keeps showing up and now saves Jason by telling everyone else that he’s hers. Guess we’ll see where that goes soon enough.

Speaking of Sara Newlin, the most evil lady ever, she convinces the politician dude that came in to talk to her about finding Burrell, to cover up his death until the contaminated True Blood is on the shelves. That way “God’s plan” still gets put into action. I can not stand Sara Newlin, I seriously hope someone eats that girl!

Sam decides to go back to Bon Temps after he finds out what happened to Terry, so he has Nicole’s Mom come pick her up so that she can be safe. Of course, they hook up in the shower before she leaves because, well, why the hell not, right?
Alcide goes back to the pack to tell them that Sam & Nicole are dead, and that Martha has Emma and everything is taken care of. Which is when they call him out on his lies, because they have Nicole and her Mom there and now the pack has turned on Alcide! Can’t say he didn’t have it coming, he was driving me nuts. I know that as a pack master you’re supposed to be all alpha male and stuff, but his attitude was making me mad.
I guess that’s it for now guys. I know it’s a lot, and there’s more that I’m sure I forgot to even mention. This season is exhausting! In a good way though. Three episodes left and we can find out what the heck is going on.
Till next week Towelites check out this preview for Episode 8,