Hey Towelites,

I’m sorry that I missed last week’s True Blood recap, and in fact, this is a little later. But you know what they say, good things come to those who wait. Why am I even typing right now? Let me get to these recaps!

May be the Last Time

The episode starts with a bang, er, with an explosion of blood and guts. Eric takes out Sarah Newlin’s sister with a swift stake True-Blood-Episode-7.07-May-Be-The-Last-Time-Arlèneto the heart because she won’t give up the location of her sister. He strikes a deal with Mr. Gus to be the spokesperson for ‘New Blood’ after they take Sarah’s blood and synthesize it into a Hep-V cure.

Back in Bon Temps, Andy is on the look out for daughter whose been semi-kidnapped by Jason’s girlfriend, Violette. IN the meantime, Bill is dying and getting worse with the Hep-V. Sookie and Jessica are watching him get infected right before their eyes.

The return of Hoyt was an unexpected surprise. Jason had to meet him for breakfast at the bar formally known as Merlotte’s. Of course he stares at Hoyts new girlfriend because he’s a horrible person. Sookie is out of options and calls upon her grandfather to try and help Bill. He’s not a very big fan of Sookies ex, and only offers up a bunch TRUE-BLOOD-02of useless wisdom about not trusting a vampires.

After much sleeping, all the vampires finally awake. Bill wakes up to Sookie coming to his embrace and lips. Violette wakes up to attack Andy’s daughter, and Jessica runs to save her. Eric wakes up  realizing he has to hunt Sarah Newlin. Newlin is having problems of her own, as she’s in her old church, being haunted by the ghosts of lovers past. The episode ends with Eric and Mr. Gus about to confront Newlin, while Bill and Sookie get it on.


  • Arlene’s sex fantasy. It was good for her to get some strange
  • Rutger Hauer eating spaghetti
  • Lex Luthor and Batman level espionage satellites to track Sarah Newlin
  • All of the vampires waking up


  • Lafayette and Tara’s mom digging holes, graves?
  • It was inevitable, but Sookie running to Bill
  • Everything that happens after they kiss.

Almost Home

Eric is not messing around as he sucks a big gulp out of Newlin’s neck and is reborn. We learn more backstory into Bill’s boring 6a00d8341c730253ef01a3fd448d72970blife as him and Sookie spend some after nookie time. Then, we go into yet another flashback. This time it’s Tara’s mom, as she remembers a horrible time for Tara’s birthday party being ruined by her abusive ex-husband.

Things have gone from bad to worse at Violette’s as she texts Jason a picture of her with Andy’s daughter and Jessica tied up. Jason runs away from Hoyt and his girlfriend right in the middle of their fight and she follows Jason. The two of them make it to Violette’s house in the middle of her torturing everyone. Violette gets a hold of Jason and all seems lost to the hands of various sexual torture devices, until Hoyt comes in and saves the day.

The rest of the episode is pretty boring. Sookie is upset about Bill, she discovers Eric knows the cure, she wants to save Bill. That’s pretty much it.


  • Hoyt straight up exploding Violette



  • Tara continuing to be a character on this show
  • Bill not drinking the blood of Sarah Newlin?
  • Hoyt and Jessica being attracted to each other again
  • All the flashbacks

There’s only two episodes left for the series and this second to last episode promises to be better than the last one. Check out the preview for Love is to Die.