Here we are kids, the second to last episode for the series of True Blood. It’s been a wild 7 years and what do we have to show 562x374xeric-and-bill-true-blood-s7e9.jpg.pagespeed.ic.nRvnPHPuHHfor it? Well, the episode starts off with Bill not wanting to drink Sarah Newlins blood in exchange for a true death. This further solidifies the fact that he’s a complete idiot. He’s selfish and only cares about himself and doesn’t truly think about the ones he leaves behind.

Shortly after, Jessica and Sookie go to find Sam and find out that he’s gone. He leaves a thoughtful letter for Sookie, telling him he’s going to Chicago to be there for his baby. Jessica and James make their peace together, and she acknowledges that he would be better with Lafayette. This drives Jessica to go and tell Hoyt that they used to be together, pre-glamour. His girlfriend doesn’t very much like that and she throws him out. Enter Jason Stackhouse.

After Hoyt hears from Jessica everything about their old life together, when Jason arrives, Hoyt punches him and knocks him out. Eric and Bill talk it out about why Bill is killing himself. He doesn’t want to put Sookie anymore stress and wants her to live a normal life.


When Eric returns to Fangtasia he’s met with Gus and the Yakuza. They have Pam tied up with a giant wooden stake hanging above her head. Gus knows that Eric has let Sookie see Sarah Newlin and wants to pay Sookie a visit. So does Bill.


  • Sam’s note for Andy
  • The realization that Sookie is constantly drawn to the darkness of the vampires
  • Eric and Ginger


  • Hoyt’s Canadian Tuexdo
  • “Because of what I am, because of my…blood”

Here’s a preview for the series finale, “Thank You”