Hi Towelites!  I’m here with a little bit of True Blood season Six rumors. 

I read today that there is speculation going around that the beautiful Vampire Sheriff Eric played by Alexander Skarsgård might be killed off this year.  This is something that I have a big problem with.  So please, let me explain:

I understand that when making a tv show based on a series of books you’re not going to do everything EXACTLY like the books.  I get it, I’m not an idiot.  But what I did really love about True Blood (up until last season, which I will get into) was that they used the books as a guide to the series.  They pretty much kept the story line intact, but added drama and love triangles and what-not to make it more interesting for tv.  In the past seasons I have had some gripes about routes they decided to take with characters, never truly understanding why they eliminated certain story lines.  Like, why isn’t Jason a were-panther?  What was so wrong with that story?


Last season strayed so far away from the books that I had no idea what was going on.  The whole thing was about vampire religion and politics, which have been discussed in the books, but barely.  I was really hoping with season five to be introduced to Quinn, but it doesn’t look like we’ll get to meet him at all.  And what was so wrong with the original story line of the sniper taking down all the shifters?  That was a dramatic story line, but instead they just took it in a completely different direction, which to me changed almost everything about it.  To be honest, I’m not 100% sure how I felt about last season.

So now with season six approaching in just over a month or so, they are talking about killing off Eric, who is an integral part of the story line from here until the end of the books!  He is one of the most important people in Sookie’s life, and you’re just going to kill him off?  I’m sure we can all agree that Bill can go, but Eric?  You can’t get rid of h

I really don’t know the direction their going to take with this upcoming season, I’m excited and nervous all at the same time, but you better believe that I will be talking to my awesome Towelites about it in the months to come!