Well Towelites, the season finale has finally arrived.  What did you think of it?  Was it everything you had hoped it would be?  Aside from the full frontal Eric scene, of course.

There was a lot going on, and in all honesty I kind of felt like it was a bit rushed, maybe they could have taken more time with certain stories.
First off, we’ll discuss the whole Sookie/Warlow situation and how quickly and easily that seemed to be taken care of.  After Terry’s funeral she goes back to Faery to talk to Warlow about trying to date, having him become an actual part of her life, meet her friends, get to know her and be part of the Bon Temps community and he acts like that is just preposterous!  There is no way someone like HIM could be a part of something like THAT.  She needs to just become his vamp/fairy bride slave and shut up!  So he smacks her and ties her up thinking that no one will be able to come and get her (I told you he wasn’t a good guy!)  But of course Jason and Violet go to Andy’s to see if Addalynn will help them get into Faery since they need a fairy light to get in there.  It turns out to be Jason, Violet, Andy, Addalynn and Bill.  Of course Bill attacks Warlow and they immediately get Sookie out of there and back home.  Violet feeds her some blood and she’s fine or close to fine anyways.  Bill and Warlow get back to the normal plane and are still fighting.  Warlow throws everyone down into the hidey hole in the armoire at Sookie’s house and locks them in, but luckily Addalynn is able to use her light to get them out of there, just in time for Jason to run upstairs and find Sookie being attacked by Warlow and Niall coming through the portal in the bathroom the save them.  They kill Warlow and bring Niall through the portal and that’s all over.  Seriously though, didn’t that seem too easy?  If Niall could just get through the bathroom portal, why didn’t he do it as soon as Warlow threw him in there?
Now to back it up a bit… All the vamps are still high with Billith’s blood and having a party at his house.  There’s a big crazy orgy, then all of a sudden they’re listening to the breeders playing volley ball.  Pam decides that she needs to go find Eric and asks Tara to watch over Willa for her, so she just flies away.  Violet is crazy jealous and possessive of Jason, which annoys me, but whatever.  While all that is going on Bill is inside back to normal, brooding Bill Compton.  He’s all in love with Sookie again and is destined to be eternally depressed because he can’t have her, blah, blah, blah.  Jessica comes in and has to pretty much force him to go save her.  Seriously, he was just going to let her marry Warlow?  But as I stated in the above paragraph, he ended up helping her out, so that’s all good now.
Now back to the whole killing Warlow thing… I know, I’m all over the place.  Anyhow, so he dies and the curse, or whatever you want to call it, has been lifted from Bill and all the other vamps.  You see this light escape from their mouths and BOOM! back to normal vamps.  Well, everyone is safe except for Eric who is basking in the sun in the snow reading a book with no where safe to hide when all of a sudden he is no longer a day walker and starts to burn completely!  I was totally shocked at this!  Even though I read a while ago that this might be his last season, I still wasn’t ready for it.  Hopefully Pam finds him in time and is able to help him heal, otherwise I will not be happy come next season!
Speaking of that… they’re setting everything up for next season already and I’m not sure how much I like it.  The end of the episode has a flash forward to six months later: Bill wrote a book all about Hep V and Vamp Camp, Sookie is with Alcide now, which is fine.  I have no problem with that since I’ve always liked them together in thet books anyways. Jason is still with Violet, which I am not happy about, and she’s totally stringing him along.  I really don’t like her at all. Sam is the Mayor, and Arlene bought Merlotte’s and changed the name to Bellfleur’s.  They have all of Bon Temps come to the church to do blood testing and have a suggestion that all healthy, non-HepV humans should offer themselves as a feeding partner to a vamp in exchange for protection from the Rogue HepV vamps that have taken over the world.  Jessica offers her protection to Andy and Addalynn since she feels guilty for killing his other three girls.  And in an extremely touching moment, Tara’s mom offers herself as a feeding partner to Tara, since she wasn’t able to take care of her like she should have when she was growing up.  Bill offers his protection to Sookie, and she of course turns him down, but then at the very end there’s all these Hep-V Vamp Zombie things coming through the woods so I guess she has no choice now, Bill is going to be her protector whether she likes it or not.  And that’s it folks… We’re left with what looks like next season being overrun with vampire zombies.
I hope you guys enjoyed this season as much as I did!  We’ll reconvene next summer for season 7!