Hey Towelites! So there aren’t really a lot of stellar releases this week so I thought we should take a look back on the most popular Blu-ray’s released in 2014, and maybe even inspire a last minute gift for that geek in your life!

Here are the Top 10 Blu-rays of 2014!

(Units Sold/Monies Made)

1.  Frozen  6,983,072 $146,646,441
2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2,858,295 $56,695,385
3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 2,193,841 $57,444,311
4. Transformers: Age of Extinction 1,992,575 $34,526,716
5. Thor: The Dark World 1,955,694 $38,779,163
6. The Lego Movie 1,753,468 $61,376,668
7. How to Train Your Dragon 2 1,736,396 $33,520,105
8. Maleficent 1,662,758 $35,183,473
9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 1,587,338 $31,084,887
10. X-Men: Days of Future Past 1,492,722 $24,809,654


See any in there you like? It’s no surprise to see Frozen at the top that list, considering that song took over everybody’s mind to the point where we couldn’t pronounce her name. In Marvel we trust and so should you. So get out there and snag up Thor 2 and Cap 2, Cap is my favorite movie of the year. Guardians would EASILY be on this list if it hadn’t just been released this past month. For a comicbook movie, X-Men is pretty good as well. Even if it’s not associated with Marvel Studios. The Lego Movie is just amazing and is easily my second favorite movie this year. You can’t deny that there’s something on that list for the geek in all of us!

I bought a few of the titles myself, so I can confess that the list is pretty accurate. With it being the holiday season there’s no real surprise there. So what will we see by the end of the year? What wonders will 2015 bring?

Merry Christmas Towelites, I hope you get the Blu-ray(s) you wished for!