A couple good releases on blu-ray this week, amongst a few random.

We have Keanu Reeves in some film titled Exposed, but reviews are mediocre, so this one is on the bottom of this weeks list.  As is Concussion, starring Will Smith.


I wouldn’t put Point Break 3D to high up on the list either, but this remake did slightly better than the other blu-ray’s mentioned, so that’s a plus.

Point Break 3D

What’s more exciting is probably season 6 of Archer.  Just in time with season 7 starting up any day now.

Archer 6

But the big bang for the week, something I unfortunately missed in the theaters and cannot wait to pick up, is Tarantino’s latest film, The Hateful Eight.  With a plethora of great cast members, including Kurt Russel, Sam Jackson, Tim Roth and more, and great reviews to follow, this one’s a good one to pick up!

Hateful 8

Till next week,