This week’s Blu-Ray releases are actually pretty interesting.

Big one of the week, love it or hate it, Prometheus gets released.  As always, this comes in many editions, including 3D.  And whether you thought the movie was good or not, one thing can be said… the 3D was actually done pretty well.

The next big one, a movie I still find AMAZING (and one of Spielberg’s best), is E.T. Anniversary Edition – for the fist time on Blu-Ray.  Some of the bonus features to include behind the scenes footage, and Stephen Spielberg’s discussion on looking back on this film.

Another exciting one (and a childhood favorite of mine) is Little Shop of Horrors: Directors Cut.  This will include an introduction from Director Frank Oz, a 20-minute alternate ending, behind the scenes, deleted scenes and outtakes.

Other movies on the list of Blu-Ray’s is Rock of Ages (Tom Cruise), Hitchcock’s ‘Dial M for Murder 3D, Red Dawn (Charlie Sheen & Patrick Swayze), The Raven (John Cusack), and a double feature Blu-Ray of Hostel 1 and 2.

Television also gets some good releases with Bones – season 7, Season 3 of The League, and one of my all time favorite shows, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – season 7.  Also notable, in games, is the release of Dishonored – I really would like to give this one a try.

Hope you all find something interesting you want to add to your collection!