Not much again going on this week.  For starters, we have the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.  That should help ease the week for all the Batman and animation fans our there.

Batman- Assault on Arkham

Speaking of animation, with the live action Hercules films coming out left and right, Disney has done well to release their own classic Hercules on blu-ray.  So if you’re a Disney fan, heres a good time to add to the collection.


And, while Disney is at it, they also release Tarzan on blu-ray.


Since we’re on an anime kick for the week, lets move to TV and see the release of season one for Young Justice.  For all you comic book and super hero lovers out there who don’t know what this is… it’s basically a Justice League only composed of young heroes also dealing with teenage life.  Reviews for this are actually excellent, so…

Young Justice

Going to the non-animated side of TV, we have season 1 of The Blacklist.  And on the film side, we have one called Rage with Danny Glover and Nicolas Cage, with as bad as it gets reviews.  And another one that slipped under the radar, Locke, starring Tom Hardy.  I like Hardy, but the film received mediocre reviews from viewers.  Critics were a little more positive, and for a movie that is basically a one man show, mostly taking place in a car, that’s pretty impressive, even if the film itself is not perfect.


See you next week!