It’s a great Tuesday today, cause we’re finally getting to the releases of the summer blockbusters. Outside of that one, a bunch of television show releases (which also include a great one).

To start off, we have Mark Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 come out today. Starring the same cast of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, with newcomers Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan and Paul Giamatti, I missed this during it’s theatre run. So you better believe it when I say I’m picking this up today and watching it tonight. Reviews weren’t as favorable as the first one, but pretty decent non-the-less. It comes out in all types of formats, including 3D, and even one with a bust of Electro (aka Jaime Foxx)… which is… well… creepy.

Amazing Spiderman 2

Everything else is pretty much TV. We have season 2 of Revolution, Parks & Recreation season 6, NCIS: Los Angeles season 5, Good Wife season 5, season 4 of Boardwalk Empire, season 3 of Once Upon A Time, and finally, most importantly, another amazing show from HBO… season 1 of True Detective. What I love about this show (outside of the great production, acting, story), is how it’s a 1 season show. Sure, HBO will continue it, but every season will be its own story and characters. Similar to American Horror Story, which has its own story every year, HBO is kicking it up a notch by getting some super talented cast. This is a great approach, cause it’s much easier for an actor/actress to be part of 1 season, instead of committing themselves for years of multiple seasons. Season one starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson (at their best), and received outstanding reviews. So if you don’t have HBO, this is your chance to check it out.

True Detective

Till next week,