This week is a great week in blu-ray releases, and here is why!

To start off, we finally get X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Including pretty much the entire cast from both the original x-men and First Class, we have tons of talent.  Reviews say its the best X-Men to date, and one of the better comic movies of the year.  And considering it covers one of the most interesting story lines from the comic books, this film is a treat and definitely a must for anyones collection.  And if you’re into collectables, check out the Amazon exclusive Ultimate Edition, which comes with a display of Magneto’s Helmet.

X-Men DoFP

We also get Star Wars Revels: Spark of Rebellion, which is the debut for the new animated series that’s just starting, which is also receiving great reviews.  And knowing how good the Clone Wars animated series was, it looks like this is another must watch.  With Disney now owning Star Wars and “rebooting” the universe (including only the movies, animated Clone Wars, and a handful of the side stories as part of their timeline), it’s a perfect time to jump in and ride along as things lead up to episode 7.

SW Rebels

A couple more for the week is Mr Peabody & Sherman also comes out, and considering its Dreamworks you better believe it’s getting good reviews, and a Steven Spielberg Directors Collection, which is absolutely awesome, as this includes the great directors films: Duel, The Sugarland Express, Jaws, 1941, E.T., Always, Jurassic Park, and The Lost World.


TV has some good releases, such as Penny Dreadful, though the spotlight is clearly on Fargo, which if you have not seen, you MUST!  One of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen.  It’s a one season show, so you get a full story out of it.  Season two is suppose to be an entirely different story.


That’s it for the week.