Bunch of random and unimpressive blu-ray releases this week, for the most part at least.

Chris Evans stars in Snowpiercer. I have no idea what this film is about, so…


The crappy sequel to the crappy original, The Purge: Anarchy comes out today. It’s too bad… the idea of the story is definitely interesting, and you could do so much with it. Unfortunately, this only brings mediocre reviews, in which I think there are plenty of better movies to be wasting your time with.

Purge Anarchy

Earth To Echo is released today. I’m only mentioning it cause the little robot/alien looks like something out of Wall-E. But whereas Wall-E was an absolutely amazing film, this one is by far, not.


Sex Tape, starring Jason Segel (who I think is hilarious) and Cameron Diaz (who obviously cannot act, but is entertaining) also hits the stands. But I barely remember this hitting the theaters… reviews are “meh”.

Sex Tape

Also, you know that movie Wrong Turn? Well it looks like they made a bunch of them. Because despite remembering the unimpressive first one (though it did star the hot Eliza Dushku), I didn’t think it warranted a second… let alone a 6th… which is what we get today. Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort.

Wrong Turn 6

The shortened season of Mad Men, split into two, is also coming out. The Final Season part 1. I love the show, but I have to admit, it’s starting to feel like its dragging on and just repeating itself.

MadMen-final 1

That’s my griping for this week’s releases.