Hey all, and welcome to another week of releases on Blu-ray and DVD.

Highlight of the week most definitely goes to the re-release of the classic (and awesome) horror film, Alien in its 35th Anniversary edition.  Ridley Scott’s film, at 35, is still a work of art.  One of my all time favorites, if you didn’t already own it, now is the tie.  And if you did, then find out who doesn’t so you can get them a gift.

Alien 35th ANniversary

We here at Don’t Forget A Towel absolutely love the Aliens franchise (the first 2 in specific), so when the original Alien was hitting its 35th anniversary date, we obviously needed to do something special.  In case you missed it, that special was a little contest, with the movie itself, some cool NECA figurines, a Funko POP!, and more available as the grand prize… check it out here and maybe YOU can be the winner!

DFAT Alien 35th

Tom Cruise’s latest film Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow also comes out today. Co-starring Emily Blunt, this film actually received real good reviews. I personally don’t have issues with Cruise, and I consider him a good actor. At the very least, his movies are entertaining. But considering this one actually got the reviews it did, I’m super interested in catching it.

Edge of Tomorrow

This week we also get something for the classic collectors, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty: Diamond Edition, and Seth MacFarlane’s latest (co-starring Charlize Theron), A Million Ways to Die in the West, which despite its mediocre reviews, I still want to see (as I am a MacFarlane fan and the trailer for this looked hilarious).

Million ways to die

Television brings us season 2 of Vikings, season 3 of American Horror Story: Coven, season 2 of The Following, season 4 of Adventure Time, Duck Dynasty (aka crappy television show) season 6, and season 2 of Bates Motel.

Adventure time 4

That’s it for the week. Some big ones coming up soon, so get what you need out of the way and stay tooned for next week’s releases.