Looks like a big week in releases, starting off with Malificent (starring Angelina Jolie). This got decent reviews, and though I missed it in the theaters, I definitely want to see it. Outside the fact that I respect fairy tales for what they are and represent, and the fact that Sleeping Beauty is a staple as one of the originals, I like that this story is about the “evil” character herself (not Sleeping Beauty). So… good fresh take on the story.


Disney releases another animated feature, Planes: Fire and Rescue. This actually has great reviews, and though I don’t see myself caring for it, if you have little ones, this is a good bet.
Planes F&R
Dwayne Johnson shows his face, and muscles, this week, with his feature film Hercules. As a Greek, I’m interested in this story; and from the trailer, it looks like it got much closer to the actual mythology. I don’t mind Dwayne, so I’m willing to try this one out. It only received mediocre reviews though, and it did seem a little too “Hollywood”, so I guess we’ll see.


The Extended Edition for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug get released today. Personally, I already bought the normal version, and I’ll be spending $ for the extended editions, I’ll just wait for the entire extended trilogy. BUT… if you’re into figurines and collectibles, Amazon has an exclusive release which includes a little statuette of the Barrel down the river scene.

Hobbit DoS Extended

Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP), gives us one of his last tastes of his amazing acting talent in the film A Most Wanted Man. Great reviews to back it up, this might be a must watch.
Most Wanted Man
For oldies collections, Psycho gets released on a limited edition Steelbook casing.


That’s it for the big screen films… TV brings us season 5 of White Collar, Season 2 of The Newsroom, and The Sopranos: The Complete Series.
Till next week.