It’s the second to last weekend before x-mas, and blu-ray gift shopping is at it’s high.  While last weeks Guardians of the Galaxy will probably be the big one (seriously, Best Buy sold out this past weekend), we have a few decent ones this week.

Big one of the week is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I was a huge Turtle fan as a kid, and the trailer for this looked pretty good… definitely captured the lighthearted comical part of it (I mean, they’re teenagers, right?).  I didn’t get a chance to see it though, and reviews were mediocre.  I’m still gonna give it a try, so I’m hoping for the best.


Next big one is Maze Runner, though I’m gonna put this on the famous despite being ridiculously bad films, like Twilight.  So, mentioning its release is all you get.

Maze Runner

The live play of Peter Pan (Which got horrible reviews) comes out today, along with season 2 of The Americans.  The 4th season of Arrested Development (Netflix) comes out on DVD today (not sure why I’m not seeing a blu-ray version).  And while the production and humor was great, the “layout” and pacing of the show was not.  Focusing on one character per episode may have been unique, but unfortunately the show worked better when each characters style and personality created the spice and variety the show was famous for.  That being said, if they ever included a “chronological” option to watch the entire season in the classic format, this season would be perfect!

The complete series of Cowboy Bebop gets released, and might be the perfect gift for those anime lovers.  And if all you want is a stocking stuffer, then Grumpy Cat doesn’t care!

Grumpy Cat