Only one blu-ray release matters this week, and it’s Guardians of the Galaxy.  Seen it?  Then you know why today is awesome.  Haven’t seen it?  Then today is awesome, cause you can go out and get the movie and watch it.  Not to mention, this is probably the perfect holiday gift… that is if whoever you’re getting it for can hold out till the end of the month!


Everything else doesn’t matter much, like Dolphin Tale 2 (was there a 1?).  TV has a bunch, which include Doctor Who season 8, Family Guy season 12, Under the Dome season 2, and a couple classics like the complete series for Mister Ed, Mork & Mindy (nanou nanou) and The Jeffersons.

Mister Ed

Hope all this helps with your shopping… or not… who cares… we get to see GotG again!