Hello everybody, and welcome to another week of Blu-ray releases.  This week we have a couple good ones, along with a bunch of random ones.  Lets get the random ones out of the way, which include Predestination (starring Ethan Hawke), Kill the Messanger (starring Jeremy Renner), Addicted (starring nobody no one has heard of), and Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (starring Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner).

Highlight of the week is Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gykkenhaal and Bill Paxton.  The film received great reviews and it just looks creepy and good.  I missed this in the theaters and I cannot wait to check it out.


Our other highlight is Lego DC Comic Super Heroes: Justice League vs Bizarro League.  Lego has proven itself in its animation, and teaming up with DC was just an awesome choice.  In fact, we loved this film so much, we got a review of it for you right over here!

Lego Bizzaro

TV has a little of both as well, with Hart to Hart season 4 giving us some classics, season 1 of Z Nation giving us some random, season 6 of Nurse Jackie giving us some current,and Sailor Moon season 1 part 2 giving us some anime.

Nurse Jackie 6

See you next week!