We’ll start off this week’s releases on blu-ray and dvd with a comedy that actually received pretty good reviews: Neighbors,  starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne and Dave Franco.  I didn’t have a chance to check this one out in the theatres, but considering the good reviews, I might want to check it out now.

Neighbors blu-ray


With Halloween approaching next month, we’re bound to get some Horror films our way, and it looks like we’re starting off with Halloween: The Complete Collection, which includes 15 discs of all 10 films and TONS of extra content.

halloween the complete collection 2

If you want to feel old like I just did, Ghost In the Shell the 25th Anniversary is out today as well. I remember hating this movie when I was younger because I thought it was boring and made no sense. I have a feeling that if I revisit it this time around, I’ll be a changed man.

ghost in the shell 25th

Defiance Season 2 gets a release today as well, which is pretty crazy considering that it just aired less than a month ago. That’s one of the things that I love about these SyFy programs is that they want to capitalize on their products as much as possible so they push things out quickly. Check out the recaps by Chris HERE.



On the same now, we also get Saw: The Complete Movie Collection, which include all 5 crappy stupid movies…. As if existing was not bad enough, now they’re all bunched together into a “bad movies” package.


Speaking of bad, we get the final season (season 9) of How I Met Your Mother.  With its release we also get the Complete Series release as well.  Why would you want the complete series?  Probably to enjoy the great first 4 seasons, suffer through the mediocre next 5 season, only to get a 10 min ending that makes the entire last 5 seasons seem unrelated, and basically ruin the entire show.  My distaste for this series finale was so great that, instead of purchasing the last few season to complete my collection, I just sold the first 5 seasons back, cause I wanted nothing to do with it anymore.  So yeah, go ahead and buy it… if you want to give it to your enemy!


Other than that, TV also has season 5 of Modern Family (awesome!), and season 3 of Scandal (if it floats your boat).  And on the animation side, we also get the well reviews Attack on Titan, part 2.


Hope this wets your beaks for the week!