Welcome to this week’s releases on blu-ray and dvd; and fortunately, this week is better than usual.

Big one of the week is Transformers: Age of Extinction starring Mark Wahlberg. This 4th installment of Michael Bay’s Transformer series received horrible reviews. I can’t say anything myself, as I have not seen it. I must say though, I still kind of want to see it… can this qualify as my guilty pleasure? (of course, I might still hate it afterwards). For the fans out there who love to collect as well, check out the Limited Edition gift set which includes a figurine of…wait for it… Prime riding Grimlock!

Transformers AoE

Jon Favreau’s latest film, Chef, also comes out today. Starring a huge cast which includes himself, Sofia Vergara, John Lequizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downy Jr and more, this one actually got great reviews. Might be worth checking out.


Some classics get rereleased on Blu-ray, and these include Once Upon a Time in America: Extended Director’s Cut, and Gone With The Wind 75th Anniversary. Oh yeah, and The Leprechaun too… and Krull (I totally forgot that movie existed, lol).


My Little Pony comes out with a complete series edition (the classic show obviously), as does the full animated series for Steinsgate. TV also gives us season 6 of The Mentalist and some overrated and played out idea of a show called 24: Live Another Day.

24- Live Another Day

That’s it for the week!