A couple noteworthy blu-rays this week, starting with Passengers. I’m a sucker for the good space/sci-fi drama, so I was excited for this one. Reviews aren’t anything amazing, but they’re not bad either… I’ll be catching this one soon for sure.

Collateral Beauty is another one for the week. Always been a fan of Will Smith, and this one looked promising, but alas, it did not do so well. I’ll probably check it out one day… who know when though.

Fences is another one on the list… with Viola Davis and Denzel Washington, this film looks like it had some heavy qualities to it. Gonna have to check this out soon too.

I guess we can close out the week with Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell in Solace. Honestly, I only just heard about this movie, and with the reviews this one has, I’m not in a rush to find out; though both of them are good actors so I’m still kind of interested. Maybe at some point.

Till next week,