A smorgasbord of releases comes out today, so there should be a little something for everyone.  Death Wish comes out for you Bruce Willis fans, but A Wrinkle in Time is the one I’m more interested in.  Unfortunately, it received pretty unfavorable reviews, so I’ not expecting much – but I still want to check it out.

With the sequel coming out soon, The Incredibles gets rereleased, including in 4k.  And speaking of 4k, Looks like we’ll be getting the Game of Thrones series in 4k, as today we get Season 1 released.

But the highlight of the week in my opinion is Avatar The Last Airbender.  This animated show is amazing, and until now, it was only on DVD, so its great to finally get a better/cleaner releaser for it.

That’s it for the week.  Check in next Tuesday and we’ll see what else is coming out.