Hi everybody, and welcome to another week of interesting releases.

This week we get a movie I missed in the theaters and am super excited to finally be able to see.  This is the End, starring James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Danny McBride (amongst a plethora of cameos).  More importantly, comedies rarely get good reviews, and the reviews for this one are amazing, so I’ll be picking this up today!

This is the end

Another new one for the week, The Croods.  Another one that got great reviews, this one didn’t particularly excite me when I saw the previews.  I’ll probably catch it when it’s on TV or something, but that’s not to say this isn’t worth having.  With the voices of Nicholas Cage and Emma Stone, this might be a great addition to an animated collection.


Nicholas Cage and John Cusack come out with some random unheard of movie, Frozen Ground.  

Some old ones coming onto blu-ray, and special editions, we have Disney’s Little Mermaid Diamond Edition.  Another one is the 75th Anniversary Limited Collectors Edition of Wizard of Oz.  Has it really been 75 years?  That movie is still magical in my eyes, and despite owning it, this might require me to purchase over again, as it includes tons of extras, as well as a 52 pg Hardcover Photo Book, Ruby Slippers Sparkle Globe, a Collectible Award Pin, a Journal and a frameable map of Oz.  Awesome!

Wizard of Oz 75th

Television?  We have season 8 of How I Met Your Mother (which despite my like for it, I feel is one to many seasons already), the 3 season collection of Downton Abbey (which includes the 3rd season as well, yet to air in the United States), and best series of the week (at least I know I’m a huge fan) is season 2 of New Girl – season 3 having just begun on Fox.

New Girl 2

That’s it for the week.  Go and by something, will ya?