And yet another week has gone by, another Tuesday has come, and with it, a number of new releases.

Big one of the week is Blade Runner, 30th Anniversary edition. This includes every version of the film that has been released; original, international, 1992 Director’s cut and an all-new “Final Cut” (with commentary by director Ridley Scott).  Other bonuses actually include a “Workprint” version of the film (considered the most “altered” version of the all), new images, making of featurettes and much more.


Based on the amazing book that it was, and one of Ridley’s best films – if you don’t own it, here is the perfect time to do so.

Other releases this week include Magic Mike.  Did not see this myself (and it looks like it’s geared more towards the female audience), but it received good reviews.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is another one on the list… list of badasses that is.  Abe killing vamps – how can you go wrong with this one.

Disney’s side story with Tinker Bell also hits the shelves with Secret of the Wings, along side with a 3D release of I, Robot (Starring Will Smith), and Seeking a friend for the End of the World (with Steve Carrell, and Keira Knightley). Also! Full Moon Features is releasing Puppet Master X as well as KillJoy Goes to Hell.

On televisions side, we get season 4 of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

That’s about it of this week.  Hope you see something you like!