Hello readers, and welcome to yet another week of nothing.  Well, almost nothing.

Highlight of the week is Monsters University, starring the voices of Billy Crystal and John Goodman.  I didn’t see this, but it received pretty good reviews, and I remember enjoying the first one as well.  This comes out on all versions, including a 3D one, so that’s a plus.

Monsters University

Next new release is R.I.P.D with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds.  This looked pretty disappointing from the previews, and its bad reviews only confirms this.  I probably wouldn’t give this a chance.  Not unless it’s free, on TV, with absolutely nothing else on.


And thats it.  Only other thing is a re-relased of Cars, in 3D!  So if you liked that movie, and have a 3D television, this might be a fun addition.

Cars 3D

See you next week!