Usually Mozeus does this column every week, but with the Hurricane messing with everyone, I’ll be taking over. So, just bear with me and know that it will go back to normal next week. Looking through the list of what’s coming out, there is pretty much nothing that I REALLY want to see, but I will share what’s coming out for you, faithful Towelites! Ok, here goes.

First, a movie that I wouldn’t mind checking out because I have a crush on Aubrey Plaza. Safety Not Guaranteed looks like a quirky, fun, little movie and worth at least a VOD.

Next, is the BBC series, Copper. Based off of the Charles Dickens classic novel, it’s a TV show about David Copperfield. I’ve heard only good thing, but I couldn’t really get past the comments.

I don’t even know what to say about The Campaign, other than it was a waste of celluloid. It started off pretty amusing, and by the second act, it took a dramatic nosedive into the utterly repugnant. Avoid it, unless you plan on using it as an evil Halloween prank to scare someone into not stealing from babies.

Finally, A Christmas Story 2. I’m not even sure how this movie got made. You would think after the mishap that was, A Summer Story, that the would have stopped trying to add to this franchise, I guess not. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE A Christmas Story. LOVE IT. I watch it every year for it’s 24 hour marathon and nothing else. I know every line and have my fair share of collectibles from the movie. This second installment, well, someone needs to seriously have a strict talking to Warner Premiere.

So, there ya have it. This weeks’ DVD and Blu-ray releases.