Welcome to another week of random movies.  Sure, we got a few new ones coming out, but for the most part, these movies had horrible reviews.

To start with, The Hangover part 3.  Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis continue their adventures together, but reviews say its nothing of quality.  I was not the hugest fan of the first two, so I highly doubt I’ll even bother with this one.

Hangover 3

Will Smith and son star in After Earth, which was a MAJOR flop.  What would you expect, considering it was directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  That guy has been making one sh*tty movie after another (each worse then the one before).  I mean, did you even notice how they never even mentioned his name during the previews?  They straight up avoided to.  The real question is, why did Will Smith even bother?  Anyway, the only reason I would ever buy this, is to vomit on it and then burn it so no innocent soul ever accidentally watches it.

(I refuse to post a picture for this one)

The Purge also comes out today, starring Ethan Hawke.  I’m a huge fan of Hawke, especially after Gataca, and this one actually had looked like it could have been cool, but reviews say otherwise.  Maybe I’ll give it a chance when on TV.

The Purge

For television we get season 8 of Bones and and the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Special collections we get The complete Chucky Collection which includes Childs Play 1,2 and 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky.  Now that;s a lot of Chucky!


Staying the horror realm, we get Fright Night 2: New Blood. The film is a sequel but not a sequel. It’s actually just a remake of the original film, but with a female in the lead. Whatever, the movie is pretty good in fact, with some good gore and special effects. But don’t expect a sequel.


We also get a Blu-Ray & DVD combo of both Star Wars trilogies.  Love or hate the new ones, or the changes Lucas made to the old ones, to me they’re still Star Wars movies, and I’m a Star Wars kid.

Star Wars IV-VI

Finally, something I only just got to see this past weekend, is the animated Batman: The Dark Knight films.  Released in this Deluxe Edition which combines both movies into one long one; editing and cutting the scenes together where one ends and the second begins, if you don’t have these yet (or haven’t even seen them), then this should be you pick of the week.  Trust me when I say these were AWESOME.

Batman Deluxe

Awesome I tell you… awesome.

Worth the mention, on the video game side, we get Beyond: Two Souls.  This game looks amazing, and if it’s anything like quantic dream‘s last game (Heavy Rain) then we’re in for a treat.  The cinematic approach for this one has been kicked up a notch, bringing in actual actors for the story – Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

Beyond Two Souls

That is all,