Hey all,  and welcome to a super week of releases.

That’s right… I said super.  Because this week we get the release of Man of Steel (directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams).  Despite what issues many believe this movie might have had, there is one undeniable fact.  It is, by far, the best Superman movie to have come out.  Probably the only one actually worth it too.  I was never a Superman fan, but I loved this one.  The effects where amazing, and I appreciated how the story focused on Kal-El (the “alien”), not Clark Kent.  Also, the 3D for this was great!  You can find it in every version, including two set releases… a Collector’s set (which includes all formats of the film, and an stand up “emblem” of the S/hope sign), and in a limited edition Gift Set (which includes two figurines; Superman and Zod).

MoS-Emblem MoS-Figurines

Another great release this week is the final season of Dexter.  And since it was the final season, we obviously have the release of the show – which comes in this cool “slide box” (replica of the one Dexter uses himself to catalog his kills!).  Also included is Grafix Book, featuring artwork and photography from all 8 seasons (I’m always a fan of these type of books).

Dexter Complete

Some Dreamworks film about a racing snail called Turbo also comes out.  To be honest, I didn’t even hear about this one.  But starring Ryan Reynolds and Paul Giamatti, and with some decent reviews to back it, this might be a fun one to get (especially if you there are little ones in the home).


Last on the list is one of my top 5 films of all times, and definitely, hands down, my favorite animation, Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition.   This movie is a classic.  If you haven’t seen this, now is your chance.  If your don’t own it, now is your chance.  And with Leonardo DiCaprio actually working on producing a live action film of this, this is a great time to see what the original is all about, and what big shoes he will have to fill.


That’s it for the week folks… better start getting some of these cool releases cause X-mas is just around the corner!