Hey all, and welcome to a great week.

By great week, I mean the only one I think is worth it… but WELL WORTH IT.  But I’ll leave that for last so we can end this with a bang.

Red 2 comes out today, starring Bruce Willis, Hellen Mirren, John Malcovich, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones (among others).  Obviously the first one did good enough to bring about a sequel, and though I haven’t seen either, I haven’t heard they were amazing or anything.  But I love the cast and it seems like this is the type of movie thats just meant to be fun, so…

Red 2

Jobs comes out today as well.  Already?  Yeah.  Seems like it just left the theatre, right?  Or maybe it was a full year ago.  Does anyone remember?  Probably not… point is, the movie didn’t do al that well.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple fan and I actually don’t mind Ashton Kutcher at all.  I was hoping this movie would be good, but it’s mediocre reviews made me rethink dishing out $ at the theatre.  I’ll probably catch in when on TV, and then decide if its worth owning on disc.


The good classic Mystery Science Theater comes out with a 25th Anniversary Edition, which is in a cool collectors tin.  This includes to classics from the actual show, which include Moon Zero Two (episode 111) and The Day the Earth Froze (episode 422).  Amongst it, we also get documentaries, making of, interview and more.  Definitely a good holiday gift if you know someone who loves the show – or even a gift for yourself 🙂

Mystery Science 25th

And here we are, at the best of this week.  Let me tell you, I never watched this show until recently (thank you Netflix), and within the past month, have watched 5 seasons worth.  I’m only 4 episode from the series finale, and it’s so intense.  I’ve kept away from having it spoiled, though almost everyone says it was one of the best finales ever.  What show is this I’m talking about?  Breaking Bad.  Season 6 (final season) gets released today, along with the complete series in the this awesome collectors barrel.  Seen it?  Then you know its worth owning.  Haven’t seen it?  Then this is the perfect chance!

Breaking Bad Complete

Till next week,