Hello Towelites,

We are a month away from the gift giving holidays!  If you haven’t done your shopping yet, might want to start keeping an eye out in case you see something interesting come out.

This week’s big release if ParaNorman!  I’m excited for this animated feature as it received good reviews, and it looked very impressive when it came to 3D films.

Follwing that we have Lawless, starring Tom Hardy Shia LaBeouf, Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce.  This one also received excellent reviews, and the musical score is performed by Nick Cave.

I guess another one worth mentioning (for the sake of mentioning it and nothing else – just in case you know someone who knows someone who might be interested in this), Step Up: Revolution.

The Apparition also get released today (with Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan).  I remember seeing trailers for this and it looked creepy.  99% of those movies usually fail to deliver (at least in my eyes), but this one did seem a little better then most.  Trailers can obviously be deceiving though, so I guess we’ll see.

I guess the big “gift” idea would be Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution.  This sweet little package includes Prometheus and all the Alien movies.  It also includes tons of extras, a Prometheus t-shirt, photo cards and more.  Wethere you liked Prometheus or not, I still think it’s worth owning.  And your can’t deny the quality of Alien, Aliens (and even Alien 3 in my opinion, as I am a David Fincher fan).  And sure, Alien (4) Ressuraction also had some attractive elements to it.  So as a whole, this is a good package.  BUT… I do have one issue with it.  Prometheus is suppose to be part of a trilogy, so… why go for a complete package now, when you know there are 2 more movies coming.  Of course, those are many years away, so… for all we know, we might not even have “blu-ray” anymore, lol.

In TV, we have all the Seasons of Stargate: Atlantis being released for blu-ray (though from what I can tell, they are in separate volumes, and there is yet no edition for an all-in-one collection).  We also have season 1 of Luck (starring Dustin Hoffman) and Transformers Prime Season 2.

Anything interesting?  Are you waiting for anything in particular?  Let me know and I can give you some updates…