Hello Towelites,

Another Tuesday has come, but unfortunately, it has not brought with it anything special.

Highlight of the week is Taken 2, starring  Liam Neeson.   Haven’t heard much on this one.  If it’s anything like the first, most people will like it.  Personally, I didn’t think the first was anything amazing… good, but a tad bit overrated; so… not sure what to think of a sequel.

 Taken 2

Following this we have two from Woody Allen:  To Rome with Love, and we also have Sleeper.


On the horror side of things, we have The Possession, which is another one I have yet to see…

On the classic side, we get a criterion collection blu-ray release of Alfred Hitchcock’sThe Man Who Knew Too Much.

The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, comes out with a “Ultimate Collectors Addition”.  This comes with Blu-Ray, DVD and Ultraviolet , a necklace (w/ locket), an actual “notebook” and some postcards.  I’ve never been a fan of extras like these (for the most part), but the movie is pretty decent for a romantic “tear-jerker”, and if you have a girl in you life that’s in need of a gift – this might be just the thing.

The Notebook

On the martial arts front we have a two-in-one of Jackie Chan‘s classics: Crime Story and The Protector.  We also have I Am Bruce Lee, starring obviously, Bruce Lee.

And on the television side of things we get The Complete Fourth Season of: Merlin, Jackson Five: The Completed Animated Series, and Doctor Who: 2011 Christmas Special.

Jackson 5ive

Well… that’s all for the week, folks.  Hopefully we’ll have more exciting things next week.  Until then, may the Schwartz be with you!