Hello Towelites,

Sorry to have missed last week, but thankfully Chaz leaves no man behind! Here are am today though, for yet another week in the world of new releases.

The past few weeks have actually been on the slower side, and this week is (unfortunately) no different; at least nothing extraordinary per say. One thing I’ve started noticing is, with Christmas approching, come the releases and re-releases and re-editions, and re-directors cuts and re-yada-yada-yada of Christmas movies. Most of them are just cheesy (in my opinion), but thanfully there are a handful that are classics, and/or at least good enough to consider.

One of these is the amazing classic “The Muppet Christmas Carol” 20th anniversary edition. The Muppets have always held a warm place in my heart, and Christmas just makes it more special. With blooper reals, inovated “pause” menu, behind the scenes, sing-along’s, and more – Brian Henson’s classic is a must own for any Muppet/Xmas movie fan!

Continuing with Christmas movies we have Arthur Christmas. Now, I won’t judge on this animated feature, as I haven’t seen in. But the trailer for it, back when it was being released, along with the fact that I don’t even remember it actually coming out / leaving the theaters, makes me not think too highly of it. If you’ve seen it and you think it’s good, then let me know… maybe I’ll give it a try.

A bunch of classics are hitting the shelf on Blu-Ray this week, such as a Collectors Edition of Carpenter’s They Live, and Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard. Even better, we have Planes Trains and Automobiles starring Steve Martin and John Candy (talk about classics!), Guys and Dolls (with Marlon Brando), and Betty Midler in Beaches (maybe it’s just me, but I never got what the big fuss about this one was).

Amongst a few others, we have Bruce Willis in Fire with Fire (I actually never even knew this movie existed), and Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon (ummm, what is the emoticon of a face throwing up?)

Left the best for last though… Entourage: The Complete Series! Wether you were into this show or not, you just can’t deny it… it held its own and it was damn entertaining!


And to finish things off on a super high note (I’m happy to know that videogames are actually taking the spotlight of releases this week), we have Halo 4.

Until next week…