What up Towelites?  Hope you’re ready for another week in releases on blu-ray and dvd.  With the Oscars approaching, we’re getting your occasional nominated film.
Speaking of, let’s start off with Captain Philips, starring Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi.  I haven’t heard much of this film, other than its great.  And though Mr. Hanks isn’t one of my favorite actors, I still think he’s an amazing one by profession, and enjoy watching his films.  Watching this is definitely on my to-do list.
Captain Phillips
Another film with great reviews is Blue Jasmine, with the amazing Kate Blanchet and Alec Baldwin.  Directed by the legendary Woody Allen¸ this is a must have.
Blue Jasmine
With the upcoming Robocop reboot approaching, we get a 4K Remastered Edition of the original Paul VerhoevenRobocop.  Excelent blu-ray town own, and if you have one of the new 4K HDTV’s, an even better addition to the collection.  I’m gonna voice my own opinion here and get some things straight.  This original film WAS and still IS an amazing film. This new PG-13 crap looking commercial of a remake is bound to be horrible.  I refuse to watch it (not until some lazy afternoon when its free on cable, and only then to criticize it more accurately).  Even though I own this on blu-ray, I will buy this 4K remastered edition so I can give my money to the original, and not that idiotic remake that’s being released.
Another Machete film comes out today, Machete Kills.  Is this the 2nd?  The 3rd?  I don’t know, or care… I thought the first one was decent, as to me it was more of a comical piece against this grindhouse style genre – but I’m not into them to begin with, especially not to watch sequels for the sake of sequels.  Don’t get me wrong… if these films are to your liking, this one has decent reviews and you should enjoy it.  Just can’t say much to it myself, as I don’t care for them.
Machete Kills
Another one, which actually received great reviews,  and I believe is being nominated for Best Foreign Filmis Eugenio Derbezs: Instructions Not Included.
Instructions Not Include
That’s pretty much it on the film side.  We have some release from Pinktour, P!nk: The Truth About Love Tour.
That’s it for the week.  Till next time,