Hey all, and welcome to a week with a variety of releases that would make a good gift (including to yourself).

Best of the week is Kick-Ass 2, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Moretz.  This may not have been as good as the first, but it was still great non-the-less.  And I really liked the “sequel” feel to it… they did a good job tying it to the first.  (Sometimes I find sequels redundant and too detached from the original material).


Follow is is The Lone Ranger.  Starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, this looked like it would be an entertaining ride – especially since I’m a huge fan of Depp.  I still haven’t had the chance to see it, and I won’t let the mixed reviews stop me from doing so.

Lone Ranger

Elysium also comes out today, with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.  Neill Blomkamp‘s first one (District 9) was awesome, and I really had high hopes for this.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that good.  It’s not that it had anything particularly bad to it… just didn’t feel memorable.  Actually, one problem was the pacing.  I was too bored in between the cool/action seems, and even those felt over-played.  Still might be worth giving it a try though.


Another for the week is Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters.  Don’t have anything to say on this… seems like its geared for a younger audience, and I could name 50 movies that look better than one these seem to be.  Not to mention… Mozeus here… I’m Greek.  I love my mythology and prefer when they give it a grittier, more serious representation.


Television brings us Justified season 4 (it’s already on 4?  I just didn’t really like this show), and also Family Guy Volume 12.

Family Guy 12

Now go out there and do some Christmas shopping!