What’s up, Towelites?

Hope the approaching holidays haven’t been too stressful.  But with only a week to go, we’re almost there.  And speaking of, the window of opportunity for gifts (and a little something for yourself maybe?) is closing.

I’m going to keep this week short, as there is not much to tell anyway.

Headliner is probably Total Recall.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hear super impressive things about this one, and considering the love I have for the original, I’m not sure what I will think when I eventually get around to watching it.  Is it worth watching though?  Probably… it did look entertaining at the very least.  Colin Farrell is pretty decent, and you get Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel as the cherries on top!

Total Recall

Next big one is Trouble With the Curve.  And I don’t mean big in relates to budget, or even positive reviews (though I did better then Total Recall), but you get Clint Eastwood (whom I consider a legend at this point) and one of my favorite actresses, Amy Adams.

Trouble Curve

Pitch Perfect also gets released as well.  What is this movie?  I don’t know.  Who plays in it?  I don’t know (some people, probably a couple cute girls, etc).  It looks like some Glee spin-off, so if you’re into that, you might like this.  Too it’s defense, it has better reviews (on Amazon) then both the previous movies mentioned, so…

Gift for a kid?  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days gets released.  If this is even close to as good and popular as the books (“close”, as they hardly ever really are), then you’ve got a hit on your hands… especially of the little ones are into it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

While we recently had a 4 film release of the Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles on DVD, we now get them “each” separately on Blu-Ray.  Ah, the memories.  I remember I watched the first one on VHS with my very first girlfriend ever!  WOOT WOOT!  That was the beginning of the end right there… you women have destroyed me ever since. (fortunately, I got myself a good one now)!


Aaaaaand, that’s pretty much it.  See anything you like?  If not, check out the previous Tuesday Blu’s-Day columns to see if you might have missed something!

See you all next week!