Hello all,

And welcome to another… boring week of blu-ray and dvd releases.

I was even considering not writing this week, in retaliation to the nothingness that is being released.  But that would be me being lazy, and I hate to give myself excuses to do that… unless it’s the weekend.

Only good thing this week is End Of Watch; and I don’t really even know if its good – but it looked pretty decent in the theaters and unfortunately I didn’t get to see it then, so I’m excited to have the chance now.  I’m a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal ever since Donnie Darko.  Michael Pena also seems interesting, as he didn’t do all that bad in his supporting role in Gangster Squad.  And another thing it has going for it is director David Ayer who was writer of the great movie Training Day and the entertaining The Fast and the Furious.

End of Watch

Aaaaand, that was the highlight of the week.  Some film called Paperboy (starring Nichole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey) also comes out this week, but I really never even heard of this.  Was this straight to disc?

1952’s The Quiet Man gets released on bluray, so that another plus.  This classic by John Ford stars John Wayne  and Maureen O’Hara.

The Quiet Man


Some random movie called Death Race 3: Inferno, also comes out.  And also, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, starring the original Jean-Claude Van Dam and  Dolph Lundgren.  You know, I didn’t hear about this one either, but with all these old school starts making their action movie comebacks, I’m definitely not surprised.  I will admit, as a kid, I did like the original one.

Universal Soldier

Well, that’s all folks.  Lets cross our fingers and hope next week will be more interesting.