Happy New Years Eve everybody.  I’m hoping you have some plans you’re looking forward to tonight.  I won’t take too much of your time with this weeks releases; which aren’t much this week either.  Of course, with the holidays, that’s to be expected.  Still though, I was hoping for a couple more good ones, considering there are a bunch of people who probably got gift cards for xmas.

Anyway, the only one that probably matters this week is Don Jon, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who also wrote and directed it).  The film was decent, and though the first half was pretty funny and moved along, the second half felt like it lost traction.  Nothing horrible, but it kept it from being something better.

Don Jon

And, thats it.  Dragon Ball Z get released on blu-ray, which would normally get me ecstatic, since it’s one of my favorite animated shows, and I’ve been holding on to the full series on DVD for this moment.  Unfortunately, I’m reading that they didn’t really clean up the picture much (something you would expect for a “blu-ray” version), and worse, they actually “cut” the top and bottom of the picture off to turn it into “widescreen”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and prefer the way widescreen looks, but not at the expense of the actual image… the point is, it was not made that way.


Other than that?  Some movie called Sweetwater and another one called Ninja II (which makes me realize there was a first one too).  Eh, whatever.

Anyway, that’s it for the week.  Have a good New Years Eve people.  Let’s bring in 2014 with a cheer, and here’s to another year for of more movies, games, music, comics, toys and everything else Geek.  And best of all, we here at Don’t Forget A Towel will always be bringing you the latest and greatest!  Have a good one!!!